The Map of Empathy Territory

The Map of Empathy Territory

Join us today as Dr. Kathy breaks down both the 7 Step Interface Protocol and the Map of Empathy Territory, both detailed in her book, “Empathy is More Than Words.”

She discusses how she created the Map of Empathy Territory to help you navigate a world where empathy is more than words. She also details how the 7 Step Interface Protocol was created to help NeuroTypicals to learn the language of the NeuroDiverse.

Want to skip ahead? Episode Highlights

1:06 What is Empathy Territory
2:31 A Comment on One of My Blog Posts
5:00 An Overview of Empathy Territory
5:49 A Piece I Realized Was Missing from My Book
8:56 One Incredible Revelation
9:56 I Created a Map
12:01 Breaking Down The 7 Step Interface Protocol
17:48 The Inspiration Behind the 7 Step Protocol
19:03 Breaking Down the Map of Empathy Territory
23:24 Defining Radiant Empathy
24:06 The Empathy Dysfunction Scale
27:33 You Are Enough

Check out Dr. Kathy’s latest book, “Empathy is More Than Words: Introducing Groundbreaking Tools for NeuroDivergent Relationships” 

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