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Ground Breaking Tools for NeuroDivergent Couples

Are you in a NeuroDivergent relationship and want to find a path to sanity? In these ground-breaking resources, you’ll be introduced to tools that can change the way you and your partner communicate. From Dr. Kathy’s ground breaking online course, “Asperger Syndrome” & Relationships, built upon her latest book “Empathy is  More Than Words”, you’ll learn to communicate to achieve greater harmony.  These two  resources are intended for both NeuroTypical and NeuroDiverse. 

Introducing Ground Breaking Tools for NeuroDivergent Relationships

This latest in Dr. Marshack’s series of books focuses on helping NeuroTypical and NeuroDiverse individuals develop effective solutions that create understanding. Intended to aid those in relationship with “Aspies” and others with Empathy Dysfunction, several “out-of-the-box” tools unfold. These include the “Empathy Triad,” which represents the relationship of Empathy to Context and Conversation and the “7-Step Interface Protocol,” which can bridge the psychological divide between the NeuroTypical and the NeuroDiverse.

Many a NeuroDivergent couple has sought out Dr. Marshack for relationship help. Using the aids discussed in this book, they have succeeded in reclaiming the love lost in the chaos of NeuroDivergence. Lift the lid to this toolchest, and you, too, can help your relationship evolve to a saner, more companionable state.

"Asperger Syndrome" & Relationships

A Course to Relieve the Chaos and Misunderstandings in NeuroDivergent Relationships

In this course, I share the insights, tips, and tools that have helped so many who are wrestling with the complexities of NeuroDivergent relationships.

I have learned that not everybody has the time to read a book, attend a workshop, or stop by my office and obtain the wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical advice that has enabled me to help so many others change their lives in a positive way.

That’s why I decided to sit down and video-record everything I know for this course.

This is the clearest, most up-to-date, and easy-to-grasp version of what has helped so many return to a stronger, healthier, more sane life.

This course is the most private and confidential way to take that first step and begin the healing process. There are no meetings to attend, no webinars to go to, and no names on a public list.

Dr. Marshack has cracked the code and gives you 9 different resources to rebuild your relationship.

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Many years of recorded Teleconference can bring you up to speed quickly on this new way of healing for you and your loved one.

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Dr. Kathy has five books to read if you are ready to take a deep dive into how to reclaim your life and restore the love to your relationships.

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Courses on NeuroTypical and the NeuroDiverse to watch together and is a breakthrough in rebuilding NeuroDivergent relationships.

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Community for Couples and Families

Join our community of NeuroDivergent couples and families.
Join a community of NeuroDivergent couples and families who meet online and in webinars to help each other learn the tools for bridging the chasm between the worlds of ASD and NT
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Meet other like-minded individuals in live webinars where you are free to unload your emotional burdens.

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