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Rebuild Your NeuroDivergent Relationship

Discover the path to sanity, serenity and productivity in your ASD/NT relationship.

Hello. I'm Dr. Kathy Marshack.

If you are in a dysfunctional ASD/NT (NeuroDivergent) relationship and want to improve your communication and save your sanity, I’m offering you something that will help. Let me explain…

I am NeuroTypical and have spent a lifetime living with ASDs, or NeuroDiverse people – my mother, my spouse, and my daughter.

As a psychologist, when I couldn’t figure out how to help my family, I felt like a failure.

I read books, sought out therapists (great therapists, but ones who didn’t fully understand how to help clients with this specific issue), and attended conferences searching for answers and a healthy, healing path. Nothing worked…and all the while, the chaos and suffering in my family escalated.

I was engulfed by health complaints, financial problems, and legal matters. Then I began to look at all these profoundly stressful challenges in a new way.

I discovered my own path to sanity, serenity, and productivity — while still mired in NeuroDivergent relationships.

Dr. Kathy Marshack

How healthy is your ASD/NT relationship?

Could the stress and misunderstanding and chaos in your relationship be a sign that something is amiss in your NeuroDivergent communication?

Could it be due to the fact that you have different communication systems?

Dr. Marshack has cracked the code and gives you 9 different resources to rebuild your relationship.

Read Dr. Kathy’s Blog

It is chock-full of tips specifically for NeuroDivergent couples and families.

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A Free Mini-Course

Resources for NeuroDivergent Relationships

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Listen to a Podcast Episode

Discover a podcast show with Dr. Kathy Marshack on “Asperger Syndrome” and navigating NeuroDivergent relationships.

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Office Hours

Attend one of my Office hours on Facebook, send me your questions, or watch on Youtube.

Talk With Dr. Kathy

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Read One of My Books

Dr. Kathy has five books to read if you are ready to take a deep dive into how to reclaim your life and restore the love to your relationships.

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Attend an Online Course

Courses on NeuroTypical and the NeuroDiverse to watch together and is a breakthrough in rebuilding NeuroDivergent relationships.

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Community for Couples and Families

Are you and your spouse ready to learn innovative tools and communication strategies?
Join a community of NeuroDivergent couples and families who meet online and in webinars to help each other learn the tools for bridging the chasm between the worlds of ASD and NT
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NT Advanced Community Forum

Are you ready to dive deeper and learn more about NeuroDivergent relationships?

Join The Community

Meet other like-minded individuals in live webinars where you are free to unload your emotional burdens.
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NT Entry Level Community

Do you suspect your spouse is on the spectrum?

Join MeetUp

Join my Meetup group to get access to exclusive community resources.
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Identify the resource that is right for you

I’ve compiled the top 11 questions that ASD/NT (NeuroDivergent) couples have about what’s going on inside your NeuroDivergent relationships.

Rebuild your NeuroDivergent relationship.
If you are in a dysfunctional ASD/NT (NeuroDivergent) relationship and want to improve your communication and save your sanity, this course + community is for you.
Asperger Syndrome: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD Online Community
If you are a NeuroTypical Adult (NT) with a spouse, partner, sibling, parent or grown child who has Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD) this is the group for you.
Asperger Syndrome: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD Meetup
If you are a Neuro-Typical (NT) partner, family, or friend of an adult with high functioning autism, our private MeetUp group is a lifesaver.
Dr. Kathy’s Office Hours
Dr. Kathy hosts live virtual monthly office hours on Facebook. She will answer your questions and speak to your concerns during her monthly Facebook Live. It is recorded and published to You Tube.
Upcoming Events
Dr. Kathy regularly hosts virtual and in-person events. We hope you can join us at one of the upcoming events!
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All of Dr. Marshack’s Books are available on Amazon.

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“Thank you to Dr. Kathy and all who help make this happen. I found you after reading Dr. Kathy’s books (in about 2 days!). The Video Conferences and the discussion forums (being both realistic and constructive, and even humorous) are an amazing tonic to this far flung NT who has been struggling alone for what feels like an eternity. Best wishes to all of you – I’m so very grateful.” 
~ Online Community Member

Coming Events

Dr. Marshack provides teleconferences and small group video conferences on topics related to “Asperger Syndrome” (ASD) and Empathy Dysfunction (EmD). These informal conferences offer you the opportunity to ask questions directly to Dr. Marshack, as well as to chat with others who share your concerns.