‘Asperger Syndrome’: What’s in a name?

'Asperger Syndrome': What's in a name?

What IS in a name? People have been using the term ‘Aspergers’ for a long time – even though it’s not the correct term professionally or clinically.

Join us today as Dr. Kathy discusses where the term ‘Aspergers’ originally came from and the dark backstory surrounding it that was recently discovered.

Want to skip ahead? Episode Highlights

1:26 Identifying Aspergers Syndrome
3:07 Using the term Aspergers Syndrome
6:01 The Drawing
10:29 How we Come to Know Ourselves Through the Complexities of Relationships Between NT’s and ND’s
10:56 The Story of Dr. Hans Asperger
13:40 Using the term ‘NeuroDiverse’ instead of ‘Asperger’ for this podcast

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