How Chat GPT Sheds Light on NeuroDiversity

How Chat GPT Sheds Light on NeuroDiversity

Recently, one of Dr. Kathy’s NeuroDivergent clients took to Chat GPT to ask how to navigate interactions in his relationship with a NeuroTypical individual.

While some of the advice and tips it gave are great, many of what it recommended is not possible for a NeuroDiverse individual, such as interactional conversations or paraphrasing.

In today’s episode Dr. Kathy discusses whether or not Chat GPT can be used as a modern day translator for a NeuroDivergent relationship.

Want to skip ahead? Episode Highlights

1:10 Defining NeuroTypical and NeuroDiverse
4:30 Listening with Intention or “reading between the lines”
7:35 Asking Chat GPT questions about NeuroDivergent relationships
18:39 An interaction with Bianca (Dr. Kathy’s daughter)
22:14 Trying to understand how to paraphrase
24:05 An Interactional connection
25:53 Chat GPT probably can’t teach you how to connect in a NeuroDivergent relationship

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