Chit Chat: Communicating in between the lines

Chit Chat: Communicating in between the lines

“Chitchat” or what is commonly known as that in-between the lines, empathic language is what NeuroTypicals use to connect with others or initiate a conversation.

However, NeuroDiverse folks face challenges in interpreting nuances in conversation, such as reading between the lines or engaging in casual conversation. For them, words hold literal meaning without any hidden layers or deeper significance.

In today’s episode Dr. Kathy dives into the intricacies of this topic, sheddling light on the differences in communication styles between NeuroTypicals and NeuroDiverse individuals.

Want to skip ahead? Episode Highlights

1:03 Chitchat and how NeuroTypicals use it
1:48 A conversation with my Autistic daughter
4:49 A song by Andy Joyce
9:52 How do we bridge the gap
13:41 Small talk is not BS
15:57 Forgive each other and meet halfway

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