It Takes Courage to be Empathic

It Takes Courage to be Empathic

Being empathic isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be unless you can learn to be brave.

If you don’t use empathy to make things better then it becomes empathy dysfunction. You have to train yourself to always show up!

Join us for this episode of NeuroDivergent Relationships where Dr. Kathy discusses the different sides of the Map of Empathy Territory and how you can bridge that gap.

Want to skip ahead? Episode Highlights

1:02 It takes courage to be empathic
2:29 Looking into my map of empathy territory
7:41 The 7 step interface protocol can bridge the gap between empathy triad sensitive and empathy triad blind
9:39 What is a radiant empathy angel
12:06 The Jewish Pilgrimage and the lessons we can learn from it
18:04 Make the world a better place by showing up

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