VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why do Autistic people say the strangest things?


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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why do Autistic people say the strangest things?

When: Wednesday, March 22nd at 9 am Pacific Time

Some of you may not care why they say the strangest things, or you may have given up trying to translate. However, some of you are still trying to understand the unfathomable logic and language of our Autistic loved ones. I actually think the key to our mental health comes from understanding their disability just a little bit better. This enables us to detach and not take so seriously the odd, hurtful, and sometimes mean things they say.

For example, NeuroDiverse people have a disconnect between cognitive empathy and emotional empathy, which explains why they sound like Mr. Spock when you share your feelings. Many also have Alexithymia, which contributes to a disconnect between understanding their own feelings and finding words to tell us what they are feeling.

Then there is the belief system they have developed as a result of living in a world where others make no sense. Have you ever wondered why they draw a conclusion based on one experience and hold to it forever, even if you have pleaded with them that it is no longer true?

Another confusing element is when they are trying to chit chat but can’t remember any important information about the person they are talking to. . .as if this is their first encounter. They could be talking to your aunt or the next door neighbor and be totally clueless.

It’s like a primary school child who is learning to read and only sounds at the words. By third and fourth grade, children are starting to gather information from their reading, not just dutifully sit in a reading group and read words on the page. Our Autistic loved ones seem stuck in first grade when it comes to social interaction. They have a few basic rules of engagement but haven’t mastered the depth of connecting with others.

Please bring your questions about this phenomenon. I bet you have insights too.

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Wednesday, March 22nd 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Dr. Kathy Marshack


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