VIDEO CONFERENCE: What do “Aspies” want?

It should tell you a lot that I have frequent requests from “Aspies” to include more on my websites that speaks to their interests. They even attempt to join our NT membership groups because they want relationship advice (although I have to decline). Many on the Spectrum read my blogs and books, searching for the help they so desperately need to work things out with their distressed NT family members. If you have been wondering what your “Aspie” wants this is the call for you.

At this video conference I want to help you make sense of what your “Aspie” wants— and to speak to what they want without giving up YOU. They do want some of the same things that all of us want, such as healthy and loving relationships. But of course they go about it in such a different way. They also tell me they want to learn about empathy in the hopes that somehow they can bridge this unfathomable gap with their NT loved ones. One of my dear “Aspie” clients asked me one day, “What does ‘get it’ look like?” He was referencing  his NT spouse, who frequently told him in exasperation “You just don’t get it!”

But “getting it” isn’t the goal because “Aspies” are not wired for empathy. And without that quintessential “Theory of Mind,” they will always be off a few steps, won’t they? So it is up to us NT’s to “get it” that our “Aspie” loved ones want a close approximation of what we want — but it’s not quite the same thing.

Make sure you have a private place to talk, without interruption.  I will send you reminders of this Zoom conference, but if you don’t have your email set to receive the reminders, you may not notice. I would hate to have you miss the call, so make sure you’re able to get my messages.

The event is finished.


Tuesday, November 12th 2019


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Dr. Kathy Marshack


Dr. Kathy Marshack
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