VIDEO CONFERENCE: #MeToo Stress Effects of ASD

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WHEN: Monday, October 11th, 3 pm Pacific Time

Amid all of the stories of stress illness caused by sexual harassment and racism, shouldn’t we be looking at the stress effects on those of us caring for ASD loved ones? The research has been there for years, but now it is surfacing in a new way — and people are paying attention.

While it is more acceptable to discuss the stress of racism and now sexual harassment (thank goodness) it has been “politically incorrect” to discuss the deleterious effects of autism on the caregivers, especially when it comes to high functioning autism. Sadly many of us NTs have to suffer in silence or be accused of being uncaring or even discriminatory— making us feel crazy. But it is time isn’t it?

Please come prepared to open up about the stress you live with. Get support from those who know and care. Plus we have some tools for healing too. I know the members of this group very well. We are survivors and healers ourselves. Certainly, now that this “secret” is out in the open, we can take back our health (and mental health) and our lives from the incredible stress of living with family members with autism.

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Monday, October 11th 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Dr. Kathy Marshack


Dr. Kathy Marshack
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