VIDEO CONFERENCE: Theory of Mind is vital for our ASD/NT relationship

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TOPIC: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Theory of Mind is vital for our ASD/NT relationship

WHEN: Tuesday, September 28th, 9am PT

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Theory of Mind is well developed in the literature on autism but not well understood. I describe it as an aspect of Empathy. In other words, in order to have empathy for another person, you must have a theory of mind. You must be able to recognize that the other person exists and has a perspective different than your own. When you are able to have a Theory of Mind perspective, this can kick in the other aspects of empathy, such as understanding, nurturing, etc.

An interesting bit of research emerged recently showing that pregnancy changes the brain in the regions associated with the Theory of Mind, thus increasing the mother’s ability to resonate with her baby. Please read a brief summary of the research at,put%20yourself%20in%20their%20shoes.

For those of us struggling with “Aspies” who lack a Theory of Mind, this bit of research may help us better grasp the problem we are up against. What feels so natural to us NTs and especially to mothers is not learned, but biological. This means that we have to build “workarounds” with our “Aspies” if we are to communicate effectively.

This video call is an opportunity to learn more about the mind of your “Aspie” and how to reach them, but also to take better care of your need to connect with others who have a “theory of mind.”

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Tuesday, September 28th 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am
Dr. Kathy Marshack


Dr. Kathy Marshack
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