VIDEO CONFERENCE: Stop Being Reasonable – Instead Look Out for Number One

As backward as it may seem, the way to success with your “Aspie” is to look out for yourself first. I know, I know, it feels awkward to NTs because we want a win-win solution. Let me explain briefly and then we will discuss more on the call.

First, get clear about what you want, and be fearless in your presentation.

Second, your “Aspie” wants clarity. If you are clear about what you want — and you stop explaining why, your “Aspie” knows what you expect.

Third, even if your “Aspie” disagrees with you, they are inclined to do as you want, because you are being clear you will not be deterred.

It’s using their black and white logic to your advantage. You will have to get over wanting a more genteel negotiation. But with this method, you won’t be living a life where you are needs are never met.

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Thursday, October 3rd 2019


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm




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