VIDEO CONFERENCE: Narcissism, the Dark Side of “Aspergers”

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TOPIC: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Narcissism, the Dark Side of “Aspergers”

WHEN: Monday, December 13th, 4 pm PST

How many times have you felt your “Aspie” loved one is just plain narcissistic? Maybe they aren’t autistic at all; maybe they are a flaming narcissist and there’s no hope. If you’ve come this far on the journey of reclaiming your life, you are probably right on both counts. The dark side of “Asperger Syndrome” is Narcissism.

Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen suggests that people on the Spectrum are narcissistic by the very definition of autism, which means they have Zero Degrees of Empathy, or what I call EmD-0 (Empathy Dysfunction-0). However, the “Aspie’s” narcissism is not for the purpose of harming you, as is the case for a true dyed in wool Narcissist. Sure, it feels the same either way, but it is motivated differently.

In this videoconference, let’s explore that difference. Your “Aspie” may never acquire empathy, but they can learn to be polite and gracious and follow social rules. It’s not easy to change ingrained narcissistic behavior, but it is possible with “Aspies.”

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Monday, December 13th 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Dr. Kathy Marshack


Dr. Kathy Marshack
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