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WHEN: Monday, October 26th at 10 am Pacific Time

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By now you may have heard of micro-aggressions, which describe much of what we experience in our lives with “Aspies.” Micro-aggressions are those subtle messages that deny your reality and denigrate your status with your ASD partner or family member. But not all subtleties or micro-behaviors are aggression are they?

I call this other category “Micro-Hits” because they still throw us off balance. When your ASD loved ones shut you up with a comment like, “You don’t know that!” that’s a micro-hit. It’s confusing since you may have been stating your opinion — which you are entitled to by the way — but now you have to explain why you said what you said.

Isn’t it OK to chat, to offer a conjecture, to suggest another possibility, without having to prove your point? We get this. “Aspies” don’t. Not aggression exactly, but micro-hits still confuse and derail us. Time to learn how to stay on the track with a snappy comeback, instead of to feel dazed and confused as your “Aspie” walks out of the room.

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Monday, October 26th 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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