VIDEO CONFERENCE: January Clean Up with Dr. Kathy’s 5 Tips

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TOPIC: VIDEO CONFERENCE: January Clean Up with Dr. Kathy’s 5 Tips

WHEN: Thursday, January 7th, 4 pm PST

Register: here.

Time for goal setting for the new year. Now that you made it through the holiday stress with “Aspies” and you have a glimmer of hope that somethings will be different, let’s develop a plan for the New Year.

First, we need to clean up your old thinking. Start the New Year with a plan to take care of you, not your “Aspie.” I know it’s tough to focus on you — and you will be dragged off course by the “Aspie” agenda — but we need to build a plan that is stalwart. A strong plan means you will be able to say, “No, I can’t help you right now; I have a yoga class. See ya!”

At this video conference, I will give you five tips for making the plan, sticking to it, and come out smiling — most of the time.

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Thursday, January 7th 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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