VIDEO CONFERENCE: Is it really “High Functioning Autism” when I feel so bad?

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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Is it really “High Functioning Autism” when I feel so bad?

When: Thursday, June 16th at 9 am Pacific Time

My NT father used to say of my NeuroDiverse mom, that she was “highly intelligent.” It always sounded strange to me when he said that. It’s like he was struggling to find a defense for the rest of her odd, rigid, unkind behavior. He offered the phrase to me, with little emotional energy behind the words, like it was the best he could do to be supportive of his spouse. I felt his ennui. I felt the same. Yes, Mom was “highly intelligent,” but that was hardly enough for Dad or me.

I feel this same way when I hear similar phrases from members of our group. “My husband is ‘high functioning Asperger’s,” they say. Or, “She is on the Spectrum, but off the chart intelligent.” Or “He’s really brilliant in his field.” When I hear these phrases from members, I hear the flat tone — the attempt to find something positive in their spouse — the sense of futility in a relationship where all they have is the “highly intelligent” part.

In this essential video conference, I want to help you better understand why intelligence is not enough for a relationship. We need more, don’t we? Let’s discuss what is really needed in a loving relationship and how to foster that with our “highly intelligent ‘Aspies.’”

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Thursday, June 16th 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Dr. Kathy Marshack


Dr. Kathy Marshack
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