VIDEO CONFERENCE: How to negotiate a fair deal with a win/lose “Aspie”

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TOPIC: VIDEO CONFERENCE: How to negotiate a fair deal with a win/lose “Aspie”

WHEN: Monday, May 3rd, 9 am PT

Register: here.

The first one should be a topic near and dear to your heart. How on Earth do we negotiate a fair deal with our “Aspie” loved ones, when they are so focused on winning?

We didn’t intend to start a debate when we asked a simple question. Yet all of a sudden we find ourselves defensively answering their questions. The goal of working out something relatively simple, has turned into a full-blown argument.

The underlying reason for this “Aspie” behavior is an Empathy Dysfunction (EmD-0). While we are programmed to work with others, in order to keep the relationship healthy and loving — “Aspies” are on a much different track. They want to find the best answer to a problem and that comes from deductive reasoning. Think about it, if you are just trying to have a conversation, and they are on the path of solving a math problem — you lose. Conversations don’t solve math problems.

I’ll explain more on this call and I’d love to hear methods you have found that steer you away from these win/lose arguments.

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Monday, May 3rd 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am



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