TELECONFERENCE: Why are NTs blamed for trying to help?

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Topic: TELECONFERENCE: Why are NTs blamed for trying to help?

When: Friday, April 16th, 12 pm PT

Register: here.

Putting aside that NTs can slip into codependency, there is the very real problem of being blamed for nothing more than offering help to our ASD family member. We might make a casual observation or offer an innocent suggestion in passing. All of a sudden we are in the midst of an argument, where we are blamed for being super critical. Even, when we try to back down from the argument, we are accused of lying. It can be a nightmare.

There are two things I want you to learn from this teleconference. First, it’s vital that you take back your confidence and never allow yourself to be blamed for trying to help. Second, let’s discuss the “Aspie” logic that ensnares us in this blame game — and how to put an end to this abuse.

The event is finished.


Friday, April 16th 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


700 N. Hayden Island Drive
Dr. Kathy Marshack


Dr. Kathy Marshack
[email protected]

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