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The most important benefit of joining ASPERGER SYNDROME & RELATIONSHIPS is that you will finally discover that you are not alone.  All of the time you have spent feeling lonely, sad, angry, and isolated in a relationship with an Autism Spectrum Adult, has made you search for answers to explain and survive in your complex relationship. You may even hold out a slim hope that your relationship can improve. Find the answers here. And new friends too.

You are welcome to join, whether your “Asperger Syndrome” loved one has been formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or you have a strong belief that they are on the Spectrum. I often say that the most important diagnostic criterion is how our ASD loved one makes us feel — a lack of emotional connection. 

No matter where in the world you live, you can connect with our community through a variety of Member Services:

1. 24/7 connection with other members from around the world through our many Community Forums.

2. Teleconferences with Dr. Kathy, and open to all members each month. Plus, you can listen any time to recordings of past conferences.

3. Private, secure messaging to other members, if you wish. Your contact information is always protected, but sometimes you may want to reach out.

4. Video Conferences are offered several times a month. They are small and intimate so that you can talk with Dr. Kathy and other members, “face-to-face.”

5. “Dr. Kathy’s Office Hours” is an opportunity to get your questions answered by the host of this website. Plus, you can listen any time to recordings of past “Office Hours.”

6. Local live events are listed on our Event Calendar, so you can meet other members in your home town. We haven’t covered the globe yet, but there is a need!


ASPERGER SYNDROME & RELATIONSHIPS is a safe and secure membership site, so that you can connect with others who understand and live this life. It takes several steps to insure your privacy, so please be patient with the registration process.

Your first step is to choose the level of membership that is best for you:

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