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VIDEO CONFERENCE: Don’t Let Gaslighting Trap You

Why is it that the NT automatically reacts to “Aspie” gaslighting? Why don’t we just turn and walk away? But we don’t. Instead we engage and then the argument turns angry, outrageous and even vicious. Gaslighting is the phenomenon where your mind is attacked by your partner. They try to convince you that you didn’t say what you said; or that your observations are way out of line; or that everyone else thinks you’re nuts; or . . . Like brainwashing, Gaslighting…

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9 people are attending VIDEO CONFERENCE: Don’t Let Gaslighting Trap You

  • Laura Sauers
  • Samuel DeSaye
  • Julie Rowlands
  • Margaret Henc
  • Tina Boysen
  • Christi Bradshaw
  • Ingrid Murphy
  • Emily Veraldi
  • Kelly Dellar


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