Discussions and Forums

There are two distinct ways for members to share their stories and ask for advice in our MeetUp group, through Discussions and Message Boards.

If you want to post a quick message, you can find the DISCUSSIONS tab on the homepage of our MeetUp group, next to Events tab, Members tab, or Photos tab. Be aware that MeetUp automatically deletes these posts after a few days!

However, I recommend you to post in MESSAGE BOARDS. Follow these rules, and it will be much easier to start a thread, follow a thread, and even be notified when someone posts on a thread. The main rule is to post only on Message Boards.

  1. DO NOT post on DISCUSSIONS on our home page. This section is not meant for long threads, and Meetup automatically deletes these threads after a few days. You will lose essential discussions if you post here.
  2. DO NOT post on events either, unless you just want a quick answer to something. I always check these posts if you are having trouble registering for an event or need more information.
  3. Go to our MESSAGE BOARDS only for discussions. In this section, we have conversations saved for ten years, and it is chock full of good stuff.

a. On top of the home page, find the menu. Click on MORE.

b. Click on the submenu item, MESSAGE BOARDS.

c. This takes you to our menu of discussion topics or message boards.

d. Pick a suitable MESSAGE BOARD, and either read or post a new topic.

e. On your home page, make sure you have clicked the box that you want to be notified of posts on the MESSAGE BOARDS. For example, every morning, I get a list of recent postings on the MESSAGE BOARDS, and I can read and respond to them.

You can always send me a message if you have technical difficulties, but follow these steps, and you will find the forums.