Asperger Syndrome and Relationships

Your Voice Matters

As a member you can join online forums, teleconferences, and video conferences facilitated by Dr. Marshack. A wide range of topics are offered on life with an adult with high functioning autism, or “Asperger Syndrome” (ASD). But just as important as it is to learn more about “Asperger’s,” this group is also about speaking your truth and gaining the courage to take back your life. 

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“Thank you to Dr. Kathy and all who help make this happen. I found you after reading Dr. Kathy’s books (in about 2 days!). The Video Conferences and the discussion forums (being both realistic and constructive, and even humorous) are an amazing tonic to this far flung NT who has been struggling alone for what feels like an eternity. Best wishes to all of you – I’m so very grateful.”

from a group member