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VIDEO CONFERENCE: “Aspie” One-Way Empathy Isn’t Empathy

  VIDEO CONFERENCE: “Aspie” One-Way Empathy Isn’t Empathy. Occasionally I am scolded by an “Aspie”┬átelling me that they do indeed have empathy. They feel hurt and offended that I would suggest otherwise. Rarely an NT will tell me the same because they are aware of how sensitive their “Aspie” is. But sensitivity is not empathy, any more than words alone convey meaning, or paint on a canvas is a work of art. Empathy is a two way street. If you…

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VIDEO CONFERENCE: "Aspie" One-Way Empathy Isn't Empathy$18.95Join a private Zoom video conference with Dr. Kathy and 12 members. This call is not recorded.
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