Educational Conferences


Dr. Kathy hosts educational conferences from time to time on the topics of her books. She invites professional  guest speakers to broaden your perspective on Life With an Adult on the Autism Spectrum.

“The short way to express what I’m feeling is that this is the first time EVER in my 45 years of life that I don’t feel ALONE anymore!!! My body has been shaking for the past few days and my mind will not settle because I have finally FOUND MYSELF. Your willingness and courage to expose the details of your life and those of others has provided such a gift of insight and the beginning process of healing in my life.”

from a reader and member

She also loves to host discussions with a panel of our members who share the wisdom that can only come from working through the heartache to the level of Radiant Empathy. Who better to help you along this path, than those who have learned to express their true voice?

I hope you will join us for one of these conferences. In the meantime, participate in our Community Forums, Videos Conferences, and Teleconferences. Another place to start is to read one of Dr. Kathy’s books below.