• Thank You for Saying My NameThank You for Saying My Name
    When I looked into the Zoom screen, I saw a beautiful woman sitting in front of me. We were meeting for the first time for a psychotherapy appointment arranged a few weeks earlier. From her intake forms, I knew she wanted help with her Neuro-Divergent relationship, but other than that,… Read more »
  • When Worlds CollideWhen Worlds Collide
    How to Leave the Anger Behind in NeuroDivergent Relationships. Where does the anger come from? The answer to this question is complex. I have heard from both sides of the NeuroDivergent equation and 90 percent of the time anger is expressed. NeuroTypicals (NTs) and NeuroDiverse individuals (Autists) both complain bitterly… Read more »
  • “Aren’t We All On the Spectrum?”“Aren’t We All On the Spectrum?”
    I frequently hear this comment or another variation: “Aren’t we all on a Spectrum?” The answer to the first question is “No.” The answer to the second question is “Yes.” So let me clear up this confusion. We are part of something greater than a “Spectrum.” I’ll start with the… Read more »
  • I Had a Good Cry Last NightI Had a Good Cry Last Night
    It’s been a long time since I cried over my children. I have felt sad, shed a few tears, sat quietly as I  watched other parents celebrate special moments. But it has been a very long time since I have felt the deep grief that is stored in the depths… Read more »
  • “Take Responsibility for Your Actions”“Take Responsibility for Your Actions”
    Empathy is required to take responsibility.  “Take responsibility for your actions.” How many of you heard these words as a child, or uttered them as a parent? Mom knew what she meant. You know what you mean. But does your ASD loved one? Have you ever wondered why you even… Read more »